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Necklaces for those who appreciate color and boldness and the experience of wearing a UNIQUE piece of handmade jewelry.

Living in Latin America and Asia respectively, I saw and experienced varied designs and uses of color in art, nature, and everyday life. Designing necklaces allows me to explore my love of color, patterns and textures. My necklaces look like they were handmade in a souk or bazaar in a far off land. A number of the beads are from Africa, Asia and the Near East. Some of the semiprecious stones I use are: amber, copal, carnelian, coral,  jade, jasper, lapis and turquoise. When I design a necklace, the shape and color of the beads lead me to the final design. Each piece is unique. You will never see anyone wearing the exact necklace.  Because many of the beads are handmade there may be small irregularities in them, such as non-uniformity in size and color. These minor irregularities add to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. When designing, uppermost in my mind is the balance,  harmony and finally the overall attractiveness of the piece. — Susan Ferrandiz


If you would like to make a purchase or have a question please contact me at:

Prices includes sales tax and shipping. 

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