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Artist Statement

As with my music, my artwork reflects balance, rhythm and harmony.

I have had an interest in making art since I was a child. In my youth and beyond, my knowledge and skills were developed at various institutions in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and I received an art scholarship from the Moore Institute of Art in Philadelphia.


When I moved to Columbia, Maryland in 1976, I soon—and unexpectedly—discovered that I had a talent as a singer. Wow! Who saw that coming? My focus shifted away from visual art to music, and I embarked on a 30-year career as a jazz vocalist. I recorded several CDs, receiving several prestigious awards for my  original lyrics and music.


When I began having vocal difficulties a few years ago, I began to experience a strong impulse to return to my first love, the creation of visual images. I set up a space to work, gathered up some art supplies and got busy.


I especially enjoy creating  portraits, seeking the humanity and spark of each of my subjects and establishing an intimate bond with their essence.


I delight in the unpremeditated joy and freedom of creating abstract imagery, using the mediums of watercolor, ink, acrylic and pastels. Intuition and inspiration emerge, and the finished art rarely bears any resemblance to my original concept.


There are no boring subjects. You must find the magic in each. Every time.

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