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Music Bio


Born in Philadelphia, Gail Marten began her singing career in 1980 shortly after moving to Maryland. Performing throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Marten has captivated audiences at music festivals, concert venues, jazz clubs and private social events. In the '90s she held long term engagements at many premier area hotels including Omni, Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Radisson, Sheraton, Belvedere, Renaissance—and she has performed at scores of first rate venues, including Blues Alley, Bohemian Caverns, Baltimore's Pier Six Concert Pavilion, Ethel's Place, Eubie Live!, New York's West End Club, Rita Dimitri's, Charlie's–Georgetown, Hilton Hotel–UK.

Marten partnered with pianist/composer Clem Ehoff to co/write and produce several award-winning recordings. She has worked with scores of jazz legends and notables including Larry Willis, Cyrus Chestnut, George Colligan, Charles Covington, Richard Johnson, Unified Jazz Ensemble, Robert Shahid, Carl Grubbs, Eric Kennedy, Tim Whalen, Fred Hughes, Blake Meister, Jeff Wilson, Larry Brown, Dick Durham, Bob Diener, Billy Colucci, Tim Murphy, Reuben Brown, Todd Simon, Benny Waters, Odonel Levy, Steve Novosel, Greg Hatza, Darius Scott, Tom Lagana, Herman Burney, Amy Shook, Eric Wheeler, Alfonso Rondon, Victor Dvoskin, Grant Menefee, Gary Grainger, Ron Kearns, Sam King, Arnold Sterling, Benny Waters and on and on; so many other great musicians.

Gail Marten’s CDs are in regular rotation at radio stations world-wide, and her music is included on more than 28 CDs produced by EQ Music and Elm Records based in Singapore.

Marten has provided voice narration for corporate video productions.

Marten is the owner of Jazz Palette Graphic Design and Jazz Palette MusicShe is the editor/designer of the Baltimore Jazz Alliance newsletter and has contributed articles and music reviews. 

Marten served as board member, consultant and producer at The Eubie Blake Cultural Center from 2009-2016. 

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