COMING SOON: The Gail Marten Song Book 

"Marten is an adept lyricist, pulling interesting little rhymes out of unusual places. You don’t often see wordplay like this unless you’re reading the lyrics of the likes of Porter or Kern. The tunes underpin the lyrics, bringing a laid back vibe to each song (even the up-tempo ones) and serving to enhance the effectiveness of the words. Summary: This is really an example of jazz with intelligence"

–  Jeremiah Sutherland, Bull Frog Music

"Gail Marten and pianist Clem Ehoff interweave their respective talents her way with lyrics, and his way with musical sounds differently, yet complementary. There is an integral connection between each song. . . . Each and every lyric, in each and every song, is connected one to the other, and lays out a suite of epos—an epic theme—love! This group of emotional love anthems will not necessarily help you through a love affair, but will make it easier to understand what is going on."

– Anthony Agostinelli, The Newsletter

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